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What is My Silva Care?

About My Silva Care

My Silva Care is a secure social networking site sponsored by, it is a safe and secure way of contacting and getting to know other people in your community.

My Silva Care has been set up by a service called Silva Care to enable the people who access their services to maintain contact with friends, family and also connect with new people in their local community. Silva Care provides a wide variety of services predominantly for people who have a learning disability. If you would like to find out more about Silva Care please click on ‘services.’

My Silva Care will enable you to:

  • Maintain contact with your friends and family in a secure and moderated way
  • Provides an ‘online hub’ where you and people who are important to you can talk to each other
  • Keep a diary about the things you do, adding video clips and lots of pictures!
  • Make new friends with people who live near you and perhaps find old friends you used to know
  • See the progress you are making every day by capturing your success on video, in pictures and in your diary and linking it to your person centred support plan
  • Find and meet up with people who have the same interests
  • Find lots of new things to do and share activities with others
  • Swap ideas, experiences and stories with other members
  • Be a valued active member of the platform by helping to map your local community together

If you think you would like to join My Silva Care please click on the ‘Register here’ button.

Our Services

Silva Care provides support to people who need some extra help in their lives. The people we support may have a learning disability, mental health needs an acquired brain injury or require support to remain independent.

You can access any of our service through a commissioned service via your social worker, directly with a personal health budget, ILF funding, a Direct payment or as a self-funder.

Silva Care

  • Has a team of friendly, well trained staff who are committed to providing quality support
  • Encourages you to make decisions about the services you receive and to have choice and control over your life
  • Recognises that everyone’s support needs will be unique, we have a range of assistive equipment and communication methods to support you
  • Provide opportunities in relation to promoting your autonomy, independence, community participation and involvement
  • Supports you to work towards achieving your goals, aspirations and to reach your potential

Our services include:

  • Community support, this is also known as ‘outreach’ - to support you to get to know and make connections with your community, and to participate in a range of social, educational and leisure activities. We also have some building bases where you can join activities, meet friends, and receive personal care support
  • Supported living - to enable you to live as independently as possible in your own home with the support of our staff, assistive technology or many different resources available to us
  • Short breaks, this is also known as ‘respite’ - to provide you with tailored support in one of our friendly homes, whilst giving your carers peace of mind that you will be given quality support to help you achieve your personal goals

If you would like to use one of our services please contact your social worker, your local PCT or you can contact our office to find out more on 0117 903 9804.

You can see more information about Silva Care on our website. To go to our website click on the link below:-

Our Activities

Silva Care believes that support should enable you to achieve your personal goals and aspirations. One of the ways we can help is by supporting you to attend different activities. We have a range of accessible vehicles to help you access community activities or we can help you to use public transport. Below is just a short list of some of the activities we are currently supporting.

Silva Care provides meaningful activities at our various bases across Bristol such as:

  • Access to our sensory room
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Drama groups
  • Work experience
  • Healthy Eating
  • Computer sessions
  • Independent living skills
  • Music sessions

Silva Care also supports people to attend community activities such as:

  • Horse riding
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Gorilla projects (gardening)
  • Seated Aerobics
  • Archery
  • Music therapy
  • Various sporting activities such as Tennis, Cycling for the disabled and taekwondo
  • Swimming/gym
  • College
  • Shopping
  • Visits to local attractions

If you would like more information on our activities please call the office on 0117 9039804.

Online Safety

Keeping safe when you are online is really important.

Once you are logged into the website you will see the https:// certificate. This means it is encrypted and safe from hackers. My Silva Care is monitored by people called administrators, who make sure everyone is kept safe.

This is a closed site; this means we know everyone on it. When you register we will be contacted by the administrators to verify who you are. You will only be allowed to use our social networking site when the administrators are happy that you are who you say you are.

The information you put on the site belongs to you. Your home address and email is private and never shared with other members. The site only actively uses your information to improve your choices.

The site only uses Postcodes and your interests’ information to:

  • Tell you where activities are and how far away they are
  • Tell you which members live closest to you
  • Bring members who live close and who want the same things together (Adult learning need this information to organise their courses)
  • Help you search for members who have the same interests as you
  • Help you search for activities you like

My Silva Care is a great place to learn how to use a social network safely. We have also got a 'How to stay safe' group on our website. This helps you to find out what is suitable and not suitable to tell other people online. It also gives you other useful advice on using the internet safely.

Useful skills you will learn using this site are:

  • How to write a biography/ profile
  • What information to disclose (give someone)
  • What information is important to keep private
  • How to make decisions about who to be friends with
  • What is appropriate to say on line
  • What is appropriate to ask someone online
  • How to have a 2way conversation using messages and instant chat tools
  • If the friendship ends, you can choose to take that person off your "friends list". This means that they will not be able to contact you online any more
  • Family picture

Support Planning

Person Centred Planning [PCP] is a way to help people who may need some support to identify their goals in life and take step to achieve these goals.

The PCP planning tools on My Silva Care site will improve your independence, coordinate the services around you, help you record your achievements and tell you when you have achieved personal goals.

My Silva Care will help you to gather information from all the different people in your life. It will support you in identifying goals and set targets. My Silva Care has a ‘PCP group’ where you can access a selection of Person Centred Plan templates which will help you to decide what's working in your life, what your skills are, where the barriers to achieving your goals are, what needs to change, and where you need additional support to achieve something.

My Silva Care can help you to coordinate the services you receive to ensure everyone is working towards your goals together.

Circle of support

A circle of support is made up of all the people that are important to you in your life. My Silva Care provides an online hub where the services that support you can work in partnership with these important people. You can choose to share your PCP planning goals with your circle of support and any of the services you receive.

How to Join

If you already use Silva Care’s services you can join by pressing the ‘Register here’ button.

To prepare, you will need

  • An email address. If you would like help getting an e-mail or with registering, ask someone you trust to help you. The support workers at Silva Care will be happy to support you
  • Your home postcode
  • Your date of birth
  • To think of a username i.e. Joe Bloggs
  • A password (6-12 characters) that you will remember!

If you do not use any of Silva Cares support services, you can still register on the main platform at This will mean that you can see all of Silva Care’s public events and make friends with people who use Silva Care services.

If you don’t want to become an online member right now, but would like more information you can e-mail Silva Care on or give us a call on 0117 3533152.

If you think you would like to use one of Silva Care’s services please contact your social worker, your local PCT or you can contact our office to find out more on 0117 903 9804. You can also visit our website at for more details.

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